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Herbal Tea Remedies

7 Best Herbal Teas for Detox and Weightloss (Lose Weight Naturally)

Weight loss has been a real pain neck for most people.

We’ve all gone through all those theories that to lose weight; you have to exercise hard and cut off your favorite snacks.

That’s true and has worked for many people. But those same people must testify to it that doing all these is not easy.

The good news is that there are many other safer and easier ways of losing weight without breaking your back in the gym or consuming those harmful chemicals you see on media.

Who would have thought that a simple act of drinking tea will improve your health and help you shade off that stubborn fat?

Yes, that’s how you kill two birds with one stone.

Herbal tea has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system, relieve fatigue, detoxify, and help in weight loss.

There are many benefits of drinking tea that you’re yet to discover. But what kind of tea are you taking to achieve your weight loss goal?

Well, here is are some suggestions of the best herbal teas for detox and weight loss if you want to reap more on the benefits of drinking tea.

1. Oolong Tea

Also known as Wulong tea, this tea is derived from Camellia sinensis plant leaves.

It is the best herbal tea with several antioxidants and natural ingredients. These combinations will help get rid of toxins that may increase the risk of unnecessary weight gain.

One of those amazing benefits of drinking tea like Oolong is the powerful reduction of lipids in the liver. The tea has catechins that prevent the formation of lipids, which contribute to weight gain.

You’re going to enjoy drinking tea made from this wonderful plant not only because of its fat-burning capabilities but also the sweet aroma that comes with it.

2. Black Tea

Black teas have undergone a lot of oxidation more than any other tea making it one of the best herbal tea solutions for detoxing and weight loss.

There are different types of black tea, with the most known one being English breakfast. Black tea has flavones that help reduce weight, waist circumference, and body mass index.

If you’re yet to experience the benefits of drinking tea, especially the herbal one then try black tea.

3. Total Tea Detox Tea

Total Tea Detox promotes weight loss as well as increases metabolism. Total tea is known to reduce bloating by mobilizing any undigested food in your system.

It’s the best herbal tea because it does not contain caffeine, making it safe to drink at night before bed. It cleanses the digestive tract as well.

One of the amazing benefits of drinking tea total is better sleep and reduced-stress. Total tea also increases energy naturally as it has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and is beneficial for both men and women.

Get yours today and enjoy the medium citrus spicy taste that comes with drinking this tea.

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4. Green tea

Green tea has not been called the king of teas for no reason. The tea has a tone of health benefits and antioxidants that help eliminate radicals from the body.

It is the best herbal tea known for effective weight loss and body fat reduction. Green tea extracts are high in naturally occurring antioxidants and catechins that will help boost your metabolism and burn fat.

People who have taken green tea regularly have recorded a significant change in their weight loss and reduction in waist circumference.

Green tea has diverse benefits, and it’s highly consumed all over the globe because many people have benefited from its magnificent effects.

You’re not experiencing the benefits of drinking tea if you haven’t tasted green tea.

5. 310 Tea (Peach)

Unlike other detox teas that can only be effective for a given period, 310 Tea can be effective as a part of your lifestyle. This best herbal tea consists of herbs that detoxify your whole body and increase metabolism.

There is a feeling of fullness after taking this tea, which makes it the best herbal tea for those looking to lose weight. Staying fuller for long carbs those unnecessary cravings and ensures you don’t consume too many calories.

Well, 310 tea is the best option for those who’ve been struggling to lose belly fat and gain that coveted flat tummy. The tea is perfect for reducing water weight and bloating.

310 tea also helps boost energy, as it is low in caffeine. Most herbal teas have an unpleasant taste, but 310 tea has a delicious taste that will blow your mind and enjoy all the benefits of drinking tea.

6. Earl Grey Tea

This is also black tea; it is an infusion of an orange peel of bergamot oranges making it one of the best herbal teas. It is commonly used as a breakfast tea and has a slight citrus flavor.

It is also a great detox day tea with amino acids and caffeine that helps boost energy levels. Earl Grey tea also has vitamin C that helps boost the immune system which in turn, can help to increase exercise performance.

If you are the type who goes to the gym and after a few minutes, you are running breathless and cannot stand; start making use of the benefits of drinking tea. The tea will boost your metabolism and increase your energy, thus longer hours of workout at the gym.

As we all know, the benefit of drinking tea is to help tone up your skin and muscles, and earl grey does that perfectly.

7. 14 Day Tea Tox

14 Day Tea Tox has a combination to aid in weight loss and help in the digestive system. 14 Day tea tox reduces bloating and cleanses the body; it also has a feeling of fullness, which is perfect for your weight loss journey.

If you are a late-night snack person or have cravings, then you should try this tea.

Drinking tea and detoxing for the 14 days gives the body a lot of nutrition and antioxidants, essential for a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you are a person who likes to study late at night or do research, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this tea. Well, one of the important ways of drinking tea is to drive away sleepiness and 14 Day Tea Tox does that perfectly.

Get this tea and enjoy improved appetite, pleasant taste, and detoxification benefits.


Many enjoy drinking tea for different reasons, and knowing that weight loss is one of the benefits of drinking tea is just amazing. Besides, the health effects, drinking tea, especially herbal ones, help you enjoy the sweet taste and the soothing feeling.

Remember, weight loss is not just about taking detox tea and relaxing; you have to exercise as well and adopt a healthy diet.

When shopping for best herbal tea for weight loss and detox, be sure to check if they are certified so that you don’t consume harmful chemicals in the name of detoxifying.

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