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About Us

Hi, my name is Samuel Robles and I have such an enthusiasm for TOPIC that I decided to create this website to detail what I know about it.

I’ve been a health enthusiast for roughly 10 years. Exploring new ways to improve my mental, physical and spiritual health. One of the things I started with is by making smoothies, juices and teas. I experimented many times in the beginning with different concoctions. While I struggled at first, I became better with time and experience. Ultimately, with a healthy diet in conjunction with exercise I have became an inspiration among my friends and family. One of the things I urged my family and friends to do is to consistently have tea to your regular daily diet. Out of the many teas I have tried, Red Rooibos Tea has produced the best results which compelled me to create this website to shed light on this life changing tea.

Samuel Robles